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Items Needed for a Purchase or Refinance Transaction 

1. W-2s of previous 2 years and federal tax returns all pages

2. Clear copy of 2 Forms of ID (Drivers license & Social Security Card)

3. One FULL COnsecutive month of your most recent paystubs

4. Two FULL Months of your MOST RECENT asset statements (all pages) whichever is being utilized for a down payment. Bank Statements, stocks, bonds, and/or 401K, etc.

5. If Applicable- fully executed contract of sale from a realtor 

6. if applicable - VA only-DD214 & Certificate of eligibility 

7. If applicable - Complete Bankruptcy discharge papers with schedule 

8. If applicable- Full divorce decree- all pages

9. If applicable- Attorney and realtor name and contact info

10. If applicable- Copy of most recent mortgage statements for all properties owned

11. If applicable - Copy of homeowner's insurance (dec-page) showing yearly premium

12. If applicable- Copy of property tax for all properties owned

13. If applicable- Social Security award letter's

14. If applicable- Pension statements

If you are self-employed also add: 

1. Complete corp returns for 2020-2021 years, all schedules

2. Letter from CPA with YTD P&L

3. Letter from CPA stating the name of your business, business federal ID number, and that he's been doing your taxes for at least 2 years

4. Please note that I should already have a complete application at this time, if not I will need my short application filled out by all borrowers. 

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